As we begin to return to the office after working remotely, we now crave the comforts of home in our commercial environments. The Sanctuary palette reflects on the warm respite of home and through its color palette of naturally inspired neutrals that can help bring a dose of cozy to an office environment. These trending neutrals include bone whites, camel and oatmeal shades. Relaxed tonal pairings of Modern Gray SW 7642, Morris Room Grey SW 0037, Pure White SW 7005, and Bona Fide Beige SW 6065 evoke a quiet sanctuary, with mindful living as a key influence in our “new normal”. Driven by biophilic design, plants and natural colors are also key design elements in commercial spaces. Colors such as Messenger Bag SW 7740, Antiquarian Brown SW 0045, and Oakmoss SW 6180 bring to mind the rich tones of nature indoors.